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    Color Your Imagination with Chroma AI, create pages to color by describing in text on what you have in mind and Amber ( Chroma AI ) will generate it for you ( coming soon ).


    Color your stress away with Chroma -- one stroke at a time. After making an award winning Apple featured creative coloring app for kids ( Mini Monet by Sprite Kids ), and with Grandparents and Parents asking if it's ok for them to use Mini Monet too -- we created Chroma for the kids in adults. With natural coloring tools like pencil, marker and brush, you can color stroke-by-stroke and with an option to color within the lines. Included in the app is a unique outline tool which let's you complement the existing coloring page outline and add extra details, which you can then color inside. How cool is that! You can now personalize the coloring pages.


    Available in the App Store

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    Powered by Chroma AI

    Color your imagination with Chroma. Ask Amber (Chroma AI) to create a page for you to color based on a text description ( for example: Lion Face ) and she will create a unique page for you!


    If your imagination is unbounded then so is Chroma.

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    Pencil . Marker . Brush . Paint Bucket. Pigment Liner (for outlines)

    Chroma has it all. Color unique coloring pages, hand drawn exclusively for the app, with pencil, marker, brush and paint bucket. Paint with textures and colors. Create and use your own custom palettes.


    Using the Apple Pencil with Chroma gives the best coloring and drawing experience.

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    It's a blank canvas, explore your creative side.

    For the extra creative ones Chroma offers blank pages to unleash their creativity. One can draw with color pencil, brush, pen and markers.


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