Color Your Stress Away

One stroke at a time

Color your stress away one stroke at a time, is my true story.

I could not think straight, I was all tangled up. My emotions were on a downward roller coaster ride and I needed to pull myself together. The cause when I look back to that day seems benign, but for a teenager, it was devastating enough.

To distract myself I looked through my treasured collection of beautiful things, in that was an exquisite wallet, gifted to me by a dear friend. It was made of rice paper, bright red with a vibrant design. Doodling always helped me focus. I pulled out a sheet of rice paper and my watercolors. For this one, I decided to go bold and start using my finest brush to replicate the design on the wallet, with very little to no pencil outlines.

I could feel the tension release as I made progress. I clearly and vividly remember an intricate design that needed thin strokes, and my hand was quivering as I made those, reflecting the state of mind on paper. I did not let go of the brush and continued those strokes, they got steadier as I continued, and by the time I reached the end, my mind was relaxed and my strokes were thin and strong. You can see it in the square inset below.

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In my professional life, I wanted to blend technology and art. This led to Mini Monet, an award-winning drawing and coloring app for kids, also being used by adults ( parents, grandparents ) and they were asking for more. Around the same time in 2016, I suffered the loss of a dear one. I needed to doodle and color to steady myself. An app that was more than Mini Monet, where I could spend hours unwinding, one that had beautiful and cute coloring pages for adults, and was natural to use. That’s when Chroma was born, an app designed to be simple and intuitive. It would empower users to be creative, color stroke by stroke, and help relieve stress. Chroma is my go-to ritual at the end of the day, my 15 minutes of mindfulness.

With Chroma our mission is to empower you to be your creative best as you relax at the end of the day.

The loving feedback from Chroma users such as this one, makes our day.

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~ Nikita Kapoor ( Founder Chroma @ Sprite Labs )